Social Media Marketing

Social media is a platform that is readily available to everyone. Social media marketing enables an individual to prepare strategies according to the social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more. As social media is a relatively inexpensive platform for organisations for implementing marketing campaigns. With the emergence of social media the media consumption habit of consumers have changed drastically. Not only a brand is required to have a social presence but is also challenged to keep the customers engaged in the ever changing plethora of social media platforms. This workshop is designed to demystify social media marketing and to enable marketer to successfully integrate the same onto their marketing strategy.

Program Duration- 25 hours

Program Methodology- Instructor-led, hands-on workshop with live and dummy projects

Who should attend- This program is of great value to marketing professionals, digital marketers and business owners

Benefits of attending - Social Media Marketing

Not only this program will provide you with the know-how to plan and manage your communications and marketing through the rapidly emerging and influential social networks but also provide you with techniques and tools to understand the opportunities provided by best practice social media marketing. After attending this program you would be able to:

  • Distinguish between different forms of social media marketing activities
  • Assess the value of social media to your business
  • Integrate social media into you marketing strategy for brand building and engagement
  • Measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns

Social Media Marketing - Program content.

  • Understanding Social Media and Social Media Marketing
  • Using various Social Media Platforms
    • Blogging/ Micro-blogging
    • Social Networking
    • Professional Networking
    • Social News and Bookmarking sites
    • Forums
    • Media Sharing- Photo / Video sites
    • Rating and Review
    • Groups
  • Increasing Website Traffic Using Social Media
  • Using Social Media for creating Brand Awareness
  • Customer Engagement Using Social Media
  • Measuring ROI of Social Media
  • Planning & Creating Multi-channel Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Monitoring And Analytics

Why Social Media Marketing is Important for Businesses

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced recently that Facebook has crossed two billion monthly active users, a milestone in the social media world. Where once social media sites like Facebook were considered to be what the “kids” were doing, today have become the center of digital media marketing. More importantly, social media for business has risen, providing value customer data and ready access, taking branding, marketing, and customer relationships to a whole new level. Businesses can no longer consider online marketing as an optional tool, but rather make it an integral part of their marketing campaigns, advertising, and branding programs.

Indeed social media appeared quickly, almost giving an impression that it would not stay for long in the market. But, time and again, reports have claimed that the advantages of a social media marketing strategy has helped in increased traffic, greater conversion rates, and sustainability of limited resources. You may ask “what is social marketing” and “what are the benefits of social media marketing”; this article helps uncover some ways in which your business can use social media marketing tools and advance itself.

1. Brand Recognition

In the modern day world, opportunities are always presenting themselves for businesses, and each such opportunity is a chance to ensure visibility of your business and brand, and make it valuable. New customers find it easier to access your brand, content, and your services through the social media networking sites, while existing customers become more familiar. Social media management tools allow you to syndicate information across multiple platforms ensuring that your business reaches across to different user groups. A simple example of the benefits of social media is that potential customers begin engaging with a business, when they see a brand’s presence on multiple social networking sites.

2. Conversion Rate

Social media tools give businesses an opportunity to convert their potential customers into loyal ones. Once businesses build a crowd following, interactions between the new and old customers naturally follow; it could be as simple as a social media video, image, blog post, or a comment, which could lead to an interaction. Of course, not all interactions will prove to be a customer gained, the likelihood of a conversion in the future increases. One of the reasons for this to happen is that social media advertising and its channels allow the humanization of the brand and the business, allowing customers to do business with people. More importantly, where outbound marketing is more impersonal and excessive, social media marketing tools allow for a highly personal interaction, and hence better conversion.

3. Search Engine Ranking

Social media companies claim that among the many advantages of social media, one that stands apart is the search engine optimization and smo services. For achieving a higher search engine ranking, social media sites ensure the use of keywords and keyword phrases, which help in generating positive results for a business. More importantly, a well-written content including infographics, blogs, case studies, business information, and other details make your business more credible and help increase the search engine ranking. Any social media expert will tell you that although the increase in the traffic is not direct, it is definite, and with the right use of keywords, and social media analytics, success is guaranteed.

4. Cost Effective

One of the most important reasons why social media services have gained momentum in the business world is because of their cost effectiveness. Unlike the earlier marketing channels, which included more consumption of resources – money, time, and human resources – social media cuts down the use of resources drastically. With an effective social media plan for marketing, it is possible to use and create brand popularity, increased search engine ranking, and a higher customer conversion almost at no cost. Wherever needed additional social media monitoring tools can be used to understand the market segmentation, customer interest, and emerging trends better. Even where investments have been made, the losses are insignificant thereby, making it the best means to promote a business today.

5. Thought Leadership

By understanding the social media marketing India trends, it is possible to become a thought leader in the industry. It starts with good content, which is well supported by the social media tools. Businesses today only need to use social media as a platform to posit ideas and innovative trends with their audience, and promote themselves. With better syndicated efforts, it is possible to use social media to make your business an influencer and a leader in the industry.

The use of social media is here to stay, especially for businesses. Get started now.

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